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[15 Nov 2010|12:33pm]
I think 50 percent of my live journal friends speak russian...
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[02 Nov 2010|01:24pm]
I'm 24

Todays my birthday, I'm 24!!
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[20 Jul 2010|06:19pm]
Dear Dominums

Those who do not know.


We're selling it for 5 bucks online, but if you really want one for less money, mail me two dollars, or actually anything, and ill mail you back a pristine issue of sparkle mag.

1703 riverview st
apt c
Austin Texas 78702"

For a liberated spectrum!
d. lord julian
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[03 Jul 2010|05:41pm]
My first life I was a son of a roman ambassador. I always smelled of dust and I died of scarlet fever before I was a teenager.

My second life, I was an after birth.

This is my third life and I am asthmatic. I heard parasites could fix that.

I went to my favorite thrift store today and bought a giant rug for my room for 8 bucks. I also got a mesh tank top that has sparkles on it. It was definitely made for a trannie.
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[24 Jun 2010|11:51am]
On the way home from my friends house I accidentally road down crack corner (12th and Chicon?) I didnt realize till this crazy zombie lady looked at me and told me to come over. I was on my head set with my friend Scott. I was like "Oh no, Oh no, oh no!" I quickly turn around my bike and this bitch tries to throw a rock at me. EEEE!!!!
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Dark Prince [22 Apr 2010|01:39am]
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[21 Apr 2010|01:50am]
At least one of these things are true

Things I did or will do.

Light a box of hair in a field near my house

Catch a witch in a creek and demand an iberian tongue

Pick my sister up in San Antonio
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Show and Tell with Doctor Emma [14 Apr 2010|04:03pm]

Hey, My sister Emma has something to show y'all.
It's a kidney.
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[08 Apr 2010|06:42pm]
Timmy baby
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Sometimes I think about cross burnings. Is that wrong? [04 Mar 2010|05:39pm]
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